Styling Variations for ‘Amber Haze’ and ‘Sierra Raven’

At Knot Couture, we want to show brides endless possibilities with each dress.  Each time we shoot or re-shoot a dress we strive to give a different overall feel to show brides the diversity our dresses have. Below we are going to show you some style differences with two of our unreleased dresses ‘Amber Haze’ and ‘Sierra Raven.’  Make sure and check them out up for sale on Etsy soon!

Christine in 'Amber Haze'

Grace in 'Amber Haze'

When Christine, to the left, modeled ‘Amber Haze’ we gave her a glam-alternative look.  She was wearing black heels, black rhinestone plugs in her ears, and we had her hair in a more traditional side ponytail style.  She overall looked very glamorous, pulled together, with hints of edginess thrown in.  When Grace modeled, we played up the drama.  We went for very intense make up look with messy curled hair with fabric tulle extensions.

Whitney in 'Sierra Raven'

Rachel in 'Sierra Raven'

The next dress we experimented with is ‘Sierra Raven.’  When Whitney modeled the dress, we went for a very dark gothic look.  Whitney already had her unique alternative hair cut, so we ran with that look.  Her hair and make up were very dramatic, dark, and romantic.  Rachel, on the other hand had a very pin-up classic look.  Her pin-up styled hair was swept up on one side with a fabric flower above her ear.  Her make up was very simple, a black lined eye and red lips.

Knot Couture’s biggest piece of advice to give to brides is to experiment.  Just because we style a dress a certain way in a photograph does not mean that it’s the only “right” way.  Have fun with your style and be YOURSELF on your wedding day, not what others think you should be.