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For any company to grow and evolve, hurdles must be overcome. The two designers of Knot Couture have both had numerous life changing events happen in the last year and a half. It’s difficult at times, to find inspiration when … Continue reading

Vendor Spotlight: Dixie Pin-Up

Knot Couture was introduced to Sarah, owner and mastermind behind Dixie Pin-Up, a few years ago through a mutual photographer friend.  We were not only impressed by her personal style and grace but by her business, which can cater not only to the everyday woman but also to a bride to be.

Back in December we asked Sarah if she would be interested in loaning us some of her hair pieces for our long dress shoot.  Lucky for us, she said yes and brought along several gorgeous pieces!

When did you start your business?
Dixie Pin-Up began in 2009 with the help of a photographer and dear friend Matt Odom ( )

What inspired you to start Dixie Pin-Up?
A friend of my husband had contacted him looking for a photographer that could do some period photos for her husband as a gift.  He had been encouraging her do some photos like this for quite some time. We put her in contact with my friend and talented
photographer Matt Odom. She was not sure as to what to look for when it came to wardrobing. I have always loved the 40’s and 50’s fashion and have quite a collection of vintage clothing. I was so excited for her shoot that I had her come to my house and
I outfitted her in some of my clothes and then offered to do her hair and make up for her. The photos turned out great and she couldn’t have been happier with the whole process! Following that shoot Dixie Pin-Up was born!

What products/services do you offer?
Dixie Pin-Up began as offering only photo shoots, everything from one lady to a group of four (we call this the “Pillow Fight” package). We had hosted a few events where everyone had been asked to come dressed in 50’s cocktail attire. We had a makeup artist set up offering “mini pin-up touch ups” where a guest could get a little pin curl, some retro red lips and some lashes. In addition to that we had a portrait area set up to get some photos taken. Everyone always has a great time and is wondering when the next will one will be held…we hope to host another event in the near future.

In 2010 we produced a calendar for the charity Wounded Warrior Project. We used military wives from Ft. Benning, many of which at the time had husbands that were over seas. I would love to one day be able to tackle this project again! It was very rewarding
and great fun!

In the last 2 years we had started offering bachelorette and birthday party packages. We send over (to your destination of choice) make up and hair stylists and a photographer to get all the ladies styled and ready for a night on the town. The photographer
takes behind the scenes photos and some staged shots of all the ladies with their new looks. Everyone has a great time at these parties!

Recently I have added a line of hand made hair accessories and fascinators. These items are made with material from feathers to vinyl. Each piece is truly unique. I loved making the head pieces to compliment the Knot Couture’s wedding dresses! Dixie Pin-Up’s fascinators are a great way to add a modern and alternative look to the average wedding head piece. More and more brides are turning to adding a personal style to their look on the big day. I am a big fan of one of a kind pieces and try to stay as true to that as possible.

Do you do custom orders?
I do take custom orders. I am happy to give the customer exactly (as close to exactly as I can) what they are looking for.

Where can I purchase your products?
You can purchase my products on There is a direct link to my shop at

Where are your hair pieces made?
All of my hair pieces are hand made by me in my studio in Atlanta.

Have any upcoming events or new products you are launching?
I don’t have any specific events that are on the books right now. We are always booking photo shoots and bachelorette parties, being that the wedding season is now upon us. New products are always in the works! I am looking to get into the festival circuit more this spring and summer. I had the honor of being invited to be a vendor in last month’s Atlanta’s own Southern Fried Burlesque Fest. It was great fun and received amazing feedback from not only the performers but guests of the festival. I had the pleasure of knowing that my product went international due to this opportunity!

I am very grateful for the lovely and talented ladies at Knot Couture for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their wedding dress shoot!


Fresh Bridal Experience Runway Photos

Kathy Grate, owner of Divine Occasions, contacted us last year about participating in an event she was coordinating. It’s called the Fresh Bridal Experience, and we had the honor of being the featured designer in the fashion show. It was the first time the gowns in our long dress line were on the runway. Below are the photos from the event taken by Cindy Brown.

Style Spotlight: Whitney Huffman, Hair Designer

We would like to introduce Whitney Huffman, one of Knot Couture’s talented vendors, model, and friend. She has graciously worked with us on both sides of the camera as a hairstylist and model from the very beginning.  In her professional life, Whitney is a hair stylist in the Atlanta area at Salon Red.  She has been the mastermind behind several of the amazing hair styles and colors both Erin and Nancy have had over the past year.  Here is a photo of this pretty gal, as she modeled Cindy Manson from our short dress line. Read her interview below, and then check out the pictures of her amazing work!

Whitney Huffman is modeling 'Cindy Manson'

Why do you think you decided to become a hair stylist? I wanted a job that was fun and artistic… and also paid the bills! When I was in college, I would color all of my friend’s hair for fun. I changed my major 4 times and when I found out I could have a career as a Hairstylist I was sold!

How did you get your start in the industry? I went to Roffler Hairstyling college and got a job assisting at Intrigue Salon.

Which iconic hairstyles do you love? I love the “Victoria secret” model hair and short/funky punk rock haircuts… There are no rules with those… I don’t like following rules 

Who inspires you? My boyfriend and friends…is that cheesy? They are very supportive and are always there for me. They also let me experiment on their heads.

What is your favorite hair look? Messy! And lots of texture!

Which styling tools do you use most often? My Nick Arrojo medium round brush and this really awesome 1″ barrel curling iron made by UBE -great for lose waves!

What has been one of your favorite hair products to to work with? I’ve worked with Aveda, Arrojo, Redkin, Bumble and Bumble, and Orbe… I’d have to say that my favorites are Arrojo and Orbe!

How do you feel hair relates to personal style? Hairstyles can say a lot about a person! An outfit doesn’t look complete without the right hairstyle… I colored my hair blonde once. I hated it!! Couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. My outfits didn’t look right and I just didn’t feel like me.

How do you think that hair relates to a person’s confidence? Oh, I think having the right hairstyle helps you feel better about yourself, especially women. Great hair makes us feel sexy and powerful!

Are there any types of products you would advise people to stay away from? YES! supermarket products! They are full of waxes and fillers. They strip your hair color and leave residue that makes the hair appear dull… You get what you pay for!!!

What are some hair styling “don’ts”?
1. Don’t use heat on your hair without a thermal protectant
2. Don’t use box color!!! The developers in the box could be too strong for your hair! When a developer is too strong for your hair it blows out your hair’s cuticles. This causes: frizz, breakage, split ends and faded color.
3. Don’t expect your hair to look perfect without styling it/using product.

How did you feel about making the Creative Loafing 2011 Lust List? I was very surprised and flattered! When they called, I thought they had the wrong person! It was a great experience!!!

Thank you Whitney for your time and all of your help with our business!

Christina photographed by Tress Ritter

Christina photographed by Tress Ritter

Christina photographed by Gudrun Stone

Erin photographed by Gudrun Stone

Nancy photographed by Michelle Perez

Whitney photographed by Kevin Voth

Whitney photographed by Kevin Voth

This is “The Reason” We Love Our Jobs

Anyone who has met the design team of Knot Couture, knows how we work. Many of our big projects are group efforts, and we have, in the process, been able to meet so many talented individuals. The artists we have collaborated with have spent hours and hours helping us with hair and makeup, photography, graphic design and modeling.

The most recent collaborated effort resulted in the most amazing photo shoot yet. It took place at Paris on Ponce, mainly in Le Maison Rouge- the most glorious event space we have ever seen! With our past success, we were fortunate enough to have vendors ask us to take part in it, such as Melissa from Alternative Boukay and Sara from Dixie Pin-Up. Our hair stylists, Susan and Whitney have been with us since day one, and Rachel (one of our past models) stepped in to do makeup. Tress Ritter, who does all the photography for our website and Etsy pages took care of all the photography. But this time, we had one MAJOR difference, and that was the addition of Chris Bartelski from The Reason.

The Reason is a husband and wife photography team based in Atlanta, contacted us about doing a promotional video for our long dress line. The result is this truly spectacular video that shows the world what it is Erin Bohanon and Nancy Couture REALLY do. And we must say, we are FLOORED. Completely.

To  everyone we have worked with, everyone who has showed us their support and loved and shared our links and spread the word: this is for you. You are the reason we love our jobs. Most especially, to Chris and Hector, who filmed and edited this wonderful video that we have the honor to unveil to the world.

Thank you.

Knot Couture from the reason on Vimeo.

Credits: Dresses: Knot Couture
Hair Pieces: Dixie Pin-Up
Bouquets: AlternativeBoukay
Hair: Whitney Huffman and Susan Osborne
Make up: Rachel Rackliffe
Models: Christina, Suzu, Dianne, and Tori
Location: Paris on Ponce, Le Maison Rouge
Photography: Tress Ritter
Video: Chris Bartelski and Hector Arocho

Fresh Bridal Experience at Ambient + Studio!

We are thrilled to announce that Knot Couture will be involved in the Fresh Bridal Experience at Ambient + Studio on February 26th 2012! Fresh Bridal Experience is a fantastic alternative to the traditional bridal show! NOT cookie cutter, always modern and fresh; engaged couples and their guests can expect to have an  intimate yet fun wedding planning experience! Get your tickets today at!!!

We expect it to be a ‘Divine Occasion’!

Vendor Spotlight: AlternativeBoukays Unique Blooms

A couple of weeks before our photo shoot for our long dress line, we were contacted by Melissa, a really cool wedding vendor.  She creates these really amazing hand-made wedding bouquets that last a lifetime. She developed her company, AlternativeBoukay, for the bride on a budget who loves unique details that will set her wedding day apart from the rest. Sounds like our kinda girl!  She provided several bouquets for our photo shoot at Paris on Ponce, she even came from Florida to attend and lend a much needed helping hand. We are pleased to be the first to show off some amazing photos of her work.  Read the interview below to learn some more about her unique business:
Tell us about your service.
AlternativeBoukay provides brides on a budget an alternative option to traditional floral bouquets. The use of felt fabric, french beading, and seashells are some of the materials and techniques utilized in completing our timeless bouquets. My goal is to continue to offer savvy brides the opportunity to have a high quality designed bouquet without the high cost.
What inspired you to start your business?
With the economic instability in our country today, becoming a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) bride just happened. It truly wasn’t planned. But, after an exhaustive search to find my bouquet and other wedding elements to fulfill my vision, I literally found myself completing a majority of those elements and thru other small boutique handmade artisans. So, after discouragingly encountering really beautiful alternative bouquets to quickly realize that with my budget it could not be an option. I told myself to get over it. So, I did and then challenged myself to complete my own wedding bouquets. I found myself at out local fabric store requesting two yards of yellow felt fabric. I chose two yards because it sounded like a good number and thought it would be more than enough for my trial run. I would learn after three more trips my calculations were all wrong. While completing my bridesmaids bouquets and harassing them with numerous picture texts/emails, with their encouraging comments the idea was planted in my head of starting a bouquet business. Doing It Yourself projects a lot of times can save you a couple or a lot of dollars, but at the same time you do acquire an additional stress. So I figured why not help other savvy brides on a budget by eliminating the stress and giving them the opportunity to walk down the aisle with a special handmade heirloom bouquet
What was the inspiration for your collection?
Our premiere avant-garde collection, The Four Seasons, transpired thru my one year stint in Philadelphia where I consciously signed up to complete nursing school. This Miami girl wanted to experience living in the most magical season when it snows, winter. Ha! I quickly discovered it was very beautiful to look at from indoors but a pain in the ass to trudge in it and have to shovel your car out. But, it truly made me appreciate the seasons; the awestruck blooms I would encounter on my walks in spring, the busy summer with the city in full swing, and my favorite by far was fall. The variations of oranges and reds were unspeakable, and to see a tree emblazed by the sun and glow as if its on fire was amazing.
Do you take custom orders?
I do take custom orders. The bouquet packages are starting points and the option to customize a package that fits your wedding is welcomed. No two weddings are alike. The Four Seasons Collection is not a limiting factor as to say you have to pick one of those four bouquets. I decided to make bouquet collections so that I can selfishly release my creative juices and push the envelope. Which works great because now brides are able to see what kind of work I can do and I can openly create a brides bouquet vision without imposing mine.
Which one of your pieces is the most time consuming?
The Spring Bloom bouquet by far was the most time consuming as it is our only full beaded bouquet. Beading flowers has really taught me patience and once completed it is so worth it.
Tell us a little bit about some of your upcoming projects.
Right now I’m working on our spring bouquet collection called World Tour. I hope to take our brides on a cultural tour around the globe through our alternative bouquets. I’m also in collaboration with Therez Fleetwood of Therez Fleetwood Designer Doll Collection, known for expressing the melting pot of various cultures through her bridal gown line. I will be using some of her designer dolls as inspiration to complete the World Tour Collection. I truly look forward to collaborating with many other creative artisans in the wedding industry and meeting the needs of brides on a budget who are willing to walk off the beaten path.
Shoot location: Paris on Ponce
Photographer: Tress Ritter
Bouquets: Alternativeboukay
Dresses: Knot Couture
Hair Pieces: Dixie Pinup
Hair: Whitney Huffman and Susan Osborne
Make up: Rachel Rackliffe
Models: Christina, Tori, and Dianne

Bride Spotlight and Guest Blogger: Susan

We would like to proudly introduce Knot Couture’s MUAH and friend, Susan Osborne. Susan has been working her hair and make up magic dating back to our very first photo shoot.  She has been a large part of the behind the scenes for just about every photo shoot and fashion show we have had.  We have thrown her many curve balls such as locations with no running water and electricity – you would never be able to tell from how amazing she made our models look! Below are some photos of Susan in action.

Recently, Susan got engaged and we jumped at the chance of asking her to write a guest blog for us to show the world her wedding planning tips and ideas, and to share her wedding story.  Without further adieu here is Susan:

Where do you start?  A relationship always comes from a series of weird and awkward events that always seem to end up right where things are intended to be in life.   You meet your soul mate at a Halloween party, as he is dressed up like Robert Smith from the Cure and you can’t help but think, who is this guy and where does he get his eyeliner?  Well, the hair was all Aqua Net  and eyeliner was pure Maybelline but there was something really…just real about this guy.  Little did I know, I would fall in love with that big hair and kohl lined eyes.   It would take a few years and a few awkward exchanges, a loves gone bad, a few parties gone good, but I got my man.

September 20, 2011, Matt (aka Robert Smith) sent me a camera phone picture of a cross stitch piece that was proudly displayed in a home he was working in that day.  It read… Grow Old With Me, The Best Is Yet To Be.  Well, I thought it was the sweetest, but thought nothing more of it.  Later that night, sitting on his lap after the lovely meal he made, I could tell something was on his mind.  I asked “ What’s wrong?”  and he responded “ I feel anxious”.  Me being me, my mind went to a million and one different horrible scenarios in five seconds.  Five very long seconds.  “Why do you feel anxious?”  I asked.  “It’s what’s in my pocket.”  He reached to his pocket and pulled from it a beautiful vintage engagement ring and asked me to marry him!  I said yes!

Thank you Susan!  What a love story!  Susan will continue to blog about her wedding plans up until her wedding day 2/22/2012.  We postponed Susan’s first blog a bit so we could sneak in photos of her engagement shoot, and man we are glad we did!  Take a look below at how cute they are together!

Photography done by Erin Gray

Photography done by Erin Gray

Photography done by Erin Gray

Photography done by Erin Gray

Artizen Magazine Features ‘Brides on Bikes’ Article

Artizen Magazine has featured our ‘Brides on Bikes’ article on last Friday’s edition of The Adornment Daily! Artizen is a free magazine that features in-depth interviews and beautiful photography about artisans in every genre from fine art to food. Click on the photo below to view the full issue!

Click to view full publication

Brides on Bikes: Photos Featuring CG CycleWerks Choppers

We have had quite a productive year thus far, and we have worked with so many AMAZING photographers, models and make-up artists. Just last year, for our big bridal shootout, we were lucky enough to score ourselves some really awesome motorcycles from CG CycleWerks. The custom creations they brought us were incredible, and the models had such a great time shooting with them. We compiled all the photos we could find from that shoot, and we look forward to working with them again. A special thanks goes out to Garrett Tucker (one of our handsome male models) for hooking us up with these fantastic bikes!

What is CG Cyclewerks?
Cg Cyclewerks is the fruition of a lifelong dream and passion for motorcycles.
I remember as a child I would hang around the local motocross track and pester the racers who were feverishly working on their bikes for the next race…I would watch as they transformed broken machinery and parts into monsters of speed and power…I handed them tools and parts and when they had enough of my constant questioning ..they would point me in the direction of the nearest pit bike. I never forgot those days .

As the years went on I rode and wrenched on every bike I could afford. Along my journey I ran into many bikers and mechanics that taught me to see that problems are just opportunities. Although we work on all bikes… our specialty is vintage Triumphs , BSA, Norton and all metrics. We wrench, fabricate, weld, paint,chop,repair, track down those hard to find vintage parts. We offer local pick up and delivery as well as emergency repairs.
We can turn your stock bike into a custom café , bobber, or chopper. We can build the bike you have always dreamed of. Our main goal is to keep you riding.

Tell us about the bikes from the shoot:

The silver bike is a 1972 Honda CB 360 that came to us in non running stock condition. [You should see the before pics.] The customer wanted a vintage cafe racer and made the choices as far as paint scheme goes. We fabricated the rear seat cowl from an old discarded fender and hid the battery inside there. The seat is covered with ostrich leather. Garrett Tucker, JT, and myself did the fabrication, upholstery, paint,and repaired mechanical issues. We try to keep all work in house.

As a side note we did this transformation in trade for our website which we are very excited about and should be up and running very soon.

The black bike is a 1970 Triumph Bonnieville 650. It was built by us as a graduation present for Garrett. It started as a pile of parts and we hardtailed the frame, rebuilt the motor, used a 1979 Triumph front end and rear tire. We fabricated a battery box, tailight/license bracket, seat, chain tensioner, fender and hidden document holder. A build like this typically costs around 7 to 10 thousand depending on donor bike, custom options, etc.

Tell us more about your current projects:

Although we specialize in vintage british bikes, we repair, paint, modify, hardtail, bob , chop and cafe all bikes. We manufacture custom parts such as seatpans, battery boxes, chain tensioners, motor brackets, tailight/license brackets. Our list of custom parts is always growing. Our current build, Black Betty, is a numbers matching 1970 Triumph 650 bobber owned by Brian Pieple (another team member). We are hoping to be featured in some popular magazines when it’s finished. The paint scheme will be gloss black with gold leaf and brass accents.


Photography Credits: Tressness Photography, Wink Photo, Kevin Voth Photography, Kresse Creations, Remy Saigan, Justin Phillips