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For any company to grow and evolve, hurdles must be overcome. The two designers of Knot Couture have both had numerous life changing events happen in the last year and a half. It’s difficult at times, to find inspiration when … Continue reading

Vendor Spotlight: AlternativeBoukays Unique Blooms

A couple of weeks before our photo shoot for our long dress line, we were contacted by Melissa, a really cool wedding vendor.  She creates these really amazing hand-made wedding bouquets that last a lifetime. She developed her company, AlternativeBoukay, for the bride on a budget who loves unique details that will set her wedding day apart from the rest. Sounds like our kinda girl!  She provided several bouquets for our photo shoot at Paris on Ponce, she even came from Florida to attend and lend a much needed helping hand. We are pleased to be the first to show off some amazing photos of her work.  Read the interview below to learn some more about her unique business:
Tell us about your service.
AlternativeBoukay provides brides on a budget an alternative option to traditional floral bouquets. The use of felt fabric, french beading, and seashells are some of the materials and techniques utilized in completing our timeless bouquets. My goal is to continue to offer savvy brides the opportunity to have a high quality designed bouquet without the high cost.
What inspired you to start your business?
With the economic instability in our country today, becoming a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) bride just happened. It truly wasn’t planned. But, after an exhaustive search to find my bouquet and other wedding elements to fulfill my vision, I literally found myself completing a majority of those elements and thru other small boutique handmade artisans. So, after discouragingly encountering really beautiful alternative bouquets to quickly realize that with my budget it could not be an option. I told myself to get over it. So, I did and then challenged myself to complete my own wedding bouquets. I found myself at out local fabric store requesting two yards of yellow felt fabric. I chose two yards because it sounded like a good number and thought it would be more than enough for my trial run. I would learn after three more trips my calculations were all wrong. While completing my bridesmaids bouquets and harassing them with numerous picture texts/emails, with their encouraging comments the idea was planted in my head of starting a bouquet business. Doing It Yourself projects a lot of times can save you a couple or a lot of dollars, but at the same time you do acquire an additional stress. So I figured why not help other savvy brides on a budget by eliminating the stress and giving them the opportunity to walk down the aisle with a special handmade heirloom bouquet
What was the inspiration for your collection?
Our premiere avant-garde collection, The Four Seasons, transpired thru my one year stint in Philadelphia where I consciously signed up to complete nursing school. This Miami girl wanted to experience living in the most magical season when it snows, winter. Ha! I quickly discovered it was very beautiful to look at from indoors but a pain in the ass to trudge in it and have to shovel your car out. But, it truly made me appreciate the seasons; the awestruck blooms I would encounter on my walks in spring, the busy summer with the city in full swing, and my favorite by far was fall. The variations of oranges and reds were unspeakable, and to see a tree emblazed by the sun and glow as if its on fire was amazing.
Do you take custom orders?
I do take custom orders. The bouquet packages are starting points and the option to customize a package that fits your wedding is welcomed. No two weddings are alike. The Four Seasons Collection is not a limiting factor as to say you have to pick one of those four bouquets. I decided to make bouquet collections so that I can selfishly release my creative juices and push the envelope. Which works great because now brides are able to see what kind of work I can do and I can openly create a brides bouquet vision without imposing mine.
Which one of your pieces is the most time consuming?
The Spring Bloom bouquet by far was the most time consuming as it is our only full beaded bouquet. Beading flowers has really taught me patience and once completed it is so worth it.
Tell us a little bit about some of your upcoming projects.
Right now I’m working on our spring bouquet collection called World Tour. I hope to take our brides on a cultural tour around the globe through our alternative bouquets. I’m also in collaboration with Therez Fleetwood of Therez Fleetwood Designer Doll Collection, known for expressing the melting pot of various cultures through her bridal gown line. I will be using some of her designer dolls as inspiration to complete the World Tour Collection. I truly look forward to collaborating with many other creative artisans in the wedding industry and meeting the needs of brides on a budget who are willing to walk off the beaten path.
Shoot location: Paris on Ponce
Photographer: Tress Ritter
Bouquets: Alternativeboukay
Dresses: Knot Couture
Hair Pieces: Dixie Pinup
Hair: Whitney Huffman and Susan Osborne
Make up: Rachel Rackliffe
Models: Christina, Tori, and Dianne

Bride Spotlight and Guest Blogger: Susan

We would like to proudly introduce Knot Couture’s MUAH and friend, Susan Osborne. Susan has been working her hair and make up magic dating back to our very first photo shoot.  She has been a large part of the behind the scenes for just about every photo shoot and fashion show we have had.  We have thrown her many curve balls such as locations with no running water and electricity – you would never be able to tell from how amazing she made our models look! Below are some photos of Susan in action.

Recently, Susan got engaged and we jumped at the chance of asking her to write a guest blog for us to show the world her wedding planning tips and ideas, and to share her wedding story.  Without further adieu here is Susan:

Where do you start?  A relationship always comes from a series of weird and awkward events that always seem to end up right where things are intended to be in life.   You meet your soul mate at a Halloween party, as he is dressed up like Robert Smith from the Cure and you can’t help but think, who is this guy and where does he get his eyeliner?  Well, the hair was all Aqua Net  and eyeliner was pure Maybelline but there was something really…just real about this guy.  Little did I know, I would fall in love with that big hair and kohl lined eyes.   It would take a few years and a few awkward exchanges, a loves gone bad, a few parties gone good, but I got my man.

September 20, 2011, Matt (aka Robert Smith) sent me a camera phone picture of a cross stitch piece that was proudly displayed in a home he was working in that day.  It read… Grow Old With Me, The Best Is Yet To Be.  Well, I thought it was the sweetest, but thought nothing more of it.  Later that night, sitting on his lap after the lovely meal he made, I could tell something was on his mind.  I asked “ What’s wrong?”  and he responded “ I feel anxious”.  Me being me, my mind went to a million and one different horrible scenarios in five seconds.  Five very long seconds.  “Why do you feel anxious?”  I asked.  “It’s what’s in my pocket.”  He reached to his pocket and pulled from it a beautiful vintage engagement ring and asked me to marry him!  I said yes!

Thank you Susan!  What a love story!  Susan will continue to blog about her wedding plans up until her wedding day 2/22/2012.  We postponed Susan’s first blog a bit so we could sneak in photos of her engagement shoot, and man we are glad we did!  Take a look below at how cute they are together!

Photography done by Erin Gray

Photography done by Erin Gray

Photography done by Erin Gray

Photography done by Erin Gray

High Fashion Photo Shoot at Wild Side Portraits

Recently, Knot Couture was contacted by Stylist Kori Smith to do a collaborative photo shoot featuring Knot Couture’s Spring 2011 collection, and we are excited to finally be able to share some of the photos from the shoot! The following photos were taken by Valerie A Smith, Photographic Artist and owner of Wild Side Portraits.

'Sierra Raven'

'Amber Haze'


KC is Mentioned in Creative Loafing

Every week Creative Loafing posts up a ‘happenings’ section featuring local events here in Atlanta. The Fashion-A-Bull Holiday Party was featured this Thursday and mentions the details of the event, including the Knot Couture fashion show! For more details about this event as well as behind the scenes photos, be sure to visit us on Facebook! Also, tonights event sure looks interesting…day-after party anyone?

Styling Variations for ‘Crystal Dawn’ and ‘Chastity Rose’

Our goal at Knot Couture is to provide our brides with alternative options for wedding gowns that are both elegant and modern, but easily customized. Simply adding accessories or changing hem lengths and sash colors will provide our clients with a broader variety of choices. This way, a bride can visually determine whether or not a KC gown will be the perfect choice to ‘showcase’ her personality on that special day- and still have the option of wearing the dress for years to come if she chooses.

Three of Knot Couture’s previously released gowns were modeled at the Portfolio Photo Shootout event last Sunday, many with variations in styling from the original photos that are featured currently in our Bridal tab. These styling variations dramatically alter the look of the gowns as well as the feel of the photographs taken. Several of the dresses in the Spring 2011 collection can be customized to  suit the personality of any bride to be. You can see two styling options for ‘Crystal Dawn’ in the photos below, as well as two for ‘Chastity Rose’. (Click photos to enlarge) Feel free to comment, as we love to hear what our readers think.

*Knot Couture will be exploring more styling variations at the “Fashion-A-Bull” Benefit on December 16th.

'Crystal Dawn' option: Purple sash, cowboy boots. Makeup: Purple shadow with natural lip. Hair: Loose curls with side swept bangs and bridal lace headband. - Photo by Tress Ritter

'Crystal Dawn' option: Black sash, shoes and coat. Makeup: Dark green shadow, berry lips. Hair: Intricate braided bun with bangs. - Photo by Tress Ritter

'Chastity Rose' option: Diamond jewelry with red peep-toe pumps. Make up: Smoky eyes and glossy plum lips. Hair: Loose with front strands pulled back and fastened with vintage pink floral barrettes. -Photo by Tress Ritter

'Chastity Rose' option: Custom jewelery and nude patent leather pumps. Makeup: Electric blue shadow and neutral lip. Hair: Pin-up style updo with birdcage veil. - Photo by Tress Ritter