To the Rescue Entertainment Interview

We all know that your wedding is ALL about you and your husband, that of course is the purpose of the wedding.  But think outside of the box on how you can help others while enjoying your time.  ’How do I do this?’ you may ask.  There are many venues, vendors, etc that donate their money or time to non profit groups.  One particular company we would like to spotlight is the mobile DJ vendor To The Rescue Entertainment.  This company is an awesome husband and wife team (Eric and Whitney) that also run a local licensed, nonprofit animal shelter.  Every event booked with To The Rescue Entertainment sponsors a rescue dog!  We got the pleasure of having Whitney answer some questions about the company and why you should book them for your next event:

Photo Credits: Matt Miller of Our Labor Of Love

How long have you been in business, and what led you to the wedding world?
-I have always loved hosting events and parties. Even when I was a kid I threw both of my parents elaborate surprise birthday parties. When I met Eric, my husband, he had recently started his own mobile DJ company for weddings. I was working a miserable corporate job, sitting in a cubilce all day. Eric told me to come work for him and I did, best decision of my life! I absolutely love my career!

What inspired you to start your business?
-My husband started our company because he has a passion for music and making people happy.

Is there a particular niche you target?
-Our couples tend to be young and very happy people. We’ve been so lucky to get to be able to work with couples that we absolutely love! We keep in touch with the majority of our clients, even after their weddings. How can you not become friends with somebody after helping them plan the happiest day of their lives?

Photo Credits: Matt Miller of Our Labor Of Love

At what point in the wedding planning process do you typically work with couples, and what things are discussed?
-I always tell my couples I’m there for them 24/7 throughout their planning. We also give our couples 2 free in person planning sessions with all of our packages.

What do you love about weddings?
-The joy and love.

What is your favorite memory from a wedding – good, bad, or funny?
-We did a wedding at a beautiful Lakehouse and the couple and their bridal party were so much fun to work with. The reception was breath taking and everybody was having the best time. As the last song, we played “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Everyone there sang it at the top of their lungs. It was one of the moments where you think to yourself, “I love my job!”

What is something unique to your service that you are extra proud of?
-Our company helps fund our animal rescue, every event sponsors a dog at our rescue.

Where can couples contact you for services?

One goal you have for 2011:
-To buy a farm that will house our animal rescue and have venue for weddings.

Final thoughts, advice?
-I always tell brides to have fun planning

Photo Credits: Matt Miller of Our Labor Of Love

their weddings and don’t be afraid to do things your way. I love when couples make their wedding unique.

Whitney Horne
To The Rescue Entertainment
Animal Rescue Assistance
PO Box 17868,
Atlanta, GA 30316

Click here to learn more about our animal rescue efforts

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Thank you Whitney and Eric for taking your time to tell us about your company.  Here is a little 2010 wrap up video of what they do and all the 4 legged friends they helped.