Skull Cameo Garter Featured on Rock N’ Roll Bride

In case you missed it, check out today’s post on Rock N Roll Bride. The bride, Andrea wore one of the skull cameo garters from our Etsy Shop. Her color of choice for the ribbon was red and black, to match her wedding colors. Our garters come in a variety of colors, so you can choose one from our shop, or contact us to customize your order!

Monarch Butterfly Wedding Dress… OH YEAH!

Meet Samantha and Steve, the first couple to be dressed head to toe in custom Knot Couture on their wedding day. The couple was married on November 6th, 2011 in the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta, GA. This offbeat duo knew they wanted spectacular to wear on their special day, so they sought us out to create their dream attire.

Samantha knew immediately she wanted to wear the Luly Yang monarch butterfly dress, but few can afford such a lavish gown. So, we replicated it with a few changes. Her black satin gown was hand painted with a monarch butterfly wing pattern, the skirt panels were shaped like wings, and the white spots were embellished with Swarovski crystal elements. Her birdcage veil was also a KC creation, with a flock of hand painted feathers made to look like butterflies. To order one of these beautiful veils, visit our Etsy shop. To top off the KC ensemble she also wore one of our Skull Cameo Garters.

Steve wanted a gold tuxedo, but not just ANY gold tuxedo; this WWF fan wanted the tuxedo worn by wrestler ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage when he married Miss Elizabeth in the ring in an on-air wedding at SummerSlam 1991. His entire outfit was replicated, from the feathered cowboy hat down to the painted gold diamond tights. We even took on the tricky task of recreating his crazy sunglasses! Check out some photos taken by Donny Cotten of the happy couple below on their wedding day.




Vendor Spotlight: Dixie Pin-Up

Knot Couture was introduced to Sarah, owner and mastermind behind Dixie Pin-Up, a few years ago through a mutual photographer friend.  We were not only impressed by her personal style and grace but by her business, which can cater not only to the everyday woman but also to a bride to be.

Back in December we asked Sarah if she would be interested in loaning us some of her hair pieces for our long dress shoot.  Lucky for us, she said yes and brought along several gorgeous pieces!

When did you start your business?
Dixie Pin-Up began in 2009 with the help of a photographer and dear friend Matt Odom ( )

What inspired you to start Dixie Pin-Up?
A friend of my husband had contacted him looking for a photographer that could do some period photos for her husband as a gift.  He had been encouraging her do some photos like this for quite some time. We put her in contact with my friend and talented
photographer Matt Odom. She was not sure as to what to look for when it came to wardrobing. I have always loved the 40’s and 50’s fashion and have quite a collection of vintage clothing. I was so excited for her shoot that I had her come to my house and
I outfitted her in some of my clothes and then offered to do her hair and make up for her. The photos turned out great and she couldn’t have been happier with the whole process! Following that shoot Dixie Pin-Up was born!

What products/services do you offer?
Dixie Pin-Up began as offering only photo shoots, everything from one lady to a group of four (we call this the “Pillow Fight” package). We had hosted a few events where everyone had been asked to come dressed in 50’s cocktail attire. We had a makeup artist set up offering “mini pin-up touch ups” where a guest could get a little pin curl, some retro red lips and some lashes. In addition to that we had a portrait area set up to get some photos taken. Everyone always has a great time and is wondering when the next will one will be held…we hope to host another event in the near future.

In 2010 we produced a calendar for the charity Wounded Warrior Project. We used military wives from Ft. Benning, many of which at the time had husbands that were over seas. I would love to one day be able to tackle this project again! It was very rewarding
and great fun!

In the last 2 years we had started offering bachelorette and birthday party packages. We send over (to your destination of choice) make up and hair stylists and a photographer to get all the ladies styled and ready for a night on the town. The photographer
takes behind the scenes photos and some staged shots of all the ladies with their new looks. Everyone has a great time at these parties!

Recently I have added a line of hand made hair accessories and fascinators. These items are made with material from feathers to vinyl. Each piece is truly unique. I loved making the head pieces to compliment the Knot Couture’s wedding dresses! Dixie Pin-Up’s fascinators are a great way to add a modern and alternative look to the average wedding head piece. More and more brides are turning to adding a personal style to their look on the big day. I am a big fan of one of a kind pieces and try to stay as true to that as possible.

Do you do custom orders?
I do take custom orders. I am happy to give the customer exactly (as close to exactly as I can) what they are looking for.

Where can I purchase your products?
You can purchase my products on There is a direct link to my shop at

Where are your hair pieces made?
All of my hair pieces are hand made by me in my studio in Atlanta.

Have any upcoming events or new products you are launching?
I don’t have any specific events that are on the books right now. We are always booking photo shoots and bachelorette parties, being that the wedding season is now upon us. New products are always in the works! I am looking to get into the festival circuit more this spring and summer. I had the honor of being invited to be a vendor in last month’s Atlanta’s own Southern Fried Burlesque Fest. It was great fun and received amazing feedback from not only the performers but guests of the festival. I had the pleasure of knowing that my product went international due to this opportunity!

I am very grateful for the lovely and talented ladies at Knot Couture for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their wedding dress shoot!


Custom Hand Painted Ties and Bow Ties

At Knot Couture, we always like a good challenge.  A few weeks ago we were contacted on Etsy by Emily to create a hand painted butterfly bow tie for her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day.  The couple are both Entomologist’s  and share the common love of bugs.  She wanted the bow tie to look like the following butterfly:

After going over several fabric and paint choices with Emily we ended up with an amazing product.  Any custom painted piece goes through a process of painting certain areas, allowing them to dry, and repeat.  Here are some photos in action as well as the finished product.

Don’t make the men wear boring old ties and bow ties, use your imagination to give them a super unique gift and make them stand out among the other men.

Meet Our 2011 Summer Intern Noah Berch!!

We met this emerging talent a couple of months ago and he has been lending us a hand in the studio while we are working on our Fall collection. His energetic spirit has been such a wonderful and welcome presence in the wee hours of the morning. We know to expect greatness from him in his future academic career. We are honored to introduce him to you and show off some of his portfolio work!

Knot Couture intern Noah Berch

Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a recent graduate from The Paideia School, located in Druid Hills; Atlanta, GA. Leaving Paideia has been a bittersweet experience… Although I am anxious and excited to attend The Rhode Island School of Design, I left a place I grew very comfortable in. I am 19 years old and I will be attending college in the fall, majoring in Apparel Design.

What made you choose to go to College for Fashion Design?
Fashion has always been an interest of mine. I like to look at Fashion as not only a piece of artwork, but also an expression of oneself. I love the whole concept of it all. I want to create clothes that people are comfortable in and clothing that individuals can express one another in. I’ve always been interested in finding new and creative ways of compiling, layering, and combining clothes and textures in multiple ways, forming an expression.

Who is your favorite style icon?
I really like the Olsen Twins. I love their city, street look. I also love Erin Wasson’s style. I think as an individual I lean more towards the city, urban, bohemian look. I t also all depends, I can will wear something during the day, then change a completely different style, or go down a different route of expression in the evening.

Who is your favorite designer?
To be honest, I don’t have a “favorite” designer. In simpler terms, I like clothes and designs. I like to compile the two in unique ways, sometimes layering. I guess I have favorite styles, more than designers.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My parents and my grandparents- they all share a strong passion for “love what you do, share what you love to do, and do it the best you can. Simply, giving it your all.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Successful. Healthy. Happy

What is your favorite word?

What is your favorite color?
Shades of blue.

Here is a glimpse of Noah’s work.

Watercolor and Sharpie Portrait on Canvas (2010)

Layered Construction Paper (2010)

"Maggie" Charcoal (2009)

"Self Portrait" pastel on cardboard (2010)

"Art Book Page" Reflective Collage - Mixed Media

He also designed this collection of garters for our Etsy shop! They are to die for!!!

KC Fall Garter Collection by Noah Berch

Skull Cameo Garters

Sparrow Garters

Handgun Garter

Knot Couture Accessories

You all know that we make fabulous dresses, but don’t forget about the little personal details that make your wedding YOU. Accessories are a great way to spruce up your dress, add color, and personal touches that make your wedding look unique to your personal tastes. We offer everything from hair pieces to garter belts – and we can also make anything custom. Also, don’t forget about the men!! We can make custom ties, bow ties, hankies, and much more.

Check out our ETSY page to see current accessories.

Tradition with a Twist: Wedding Veils

Check out these fun a quirky twists on wedding veils we found in the Etsy community!

Romantic White Lace Bandeau Bridal Mask w/ Swarovski Pearls & French Netting

Shop owner: Moonshine Baby


Blushing Butterfly - Bridal Tulle Birdcage veil


Shop owner: Sibo Designs


Bridal Pillbox Hat made from recycled cereal box with Birdcage Netting and Dupioni Silk Flowers


Shop owner: Just Liv


Winter Castle Bridal Hood


Shop owner: Mataharis Daughter


Black and White Bridal Mini Top Hat with Detachable Veil


Shop owner: Two Back Flats


Personalized retro tattoo bridal fascinator red heart with veiling


Shop owner: Janine Basil

‘Bambi’ is Featured in an Etsy Treasury!

Inviting Moments has created a treasury in honor of June…

“It’s a nice day to start again. It’s a nice day for a white wedding. It’s a nice day to start again.”

‘Bambi’, as you know is our one-of-a-kind Spring 2011 Couture look. This wedding collection has been well chosen, and paints picture of a romantic fairy tale wedding day.

Click for Full Treasury

Thanks Amy Leigh, for curating such a beautiful Treasury!