DIY: Snap… Crackle… Wedding Cake!

Everyone has an opinion on wedding cake, you either love it or hate it. I happen to be against breaking your budget for a pretty cake that will end up left untouched by so many guests. If you happen to be anything like us, then opt for an ‘alternative’ wedding dessert. Why not try a gorgeous tower of Rice Krispies treat goodness?! These cakes are sure to draw attention as well as have your guests wanting seconds. For the official recipe, check out the Rice Krispies website. I ALWAYS use extra butter, because, well….why not?

Here are the steps for creating one of these delicious treats yourself:

Step 1: Melt butter in a large pan.

Step 2: Add mini marshmallows and watch them melt!

Step 3: Add the Rice Krispies and mix.

Step 4: Transfer to cake pans and let it harden. (Note: If making a tiered cake be sure to use multiple pan sizes.)

Step 6: Trim, stack your layers and decorate.

For a gourmet spin on this cake, try making it neopolitan style by sprinkling dried cherries or cranberries in one layer (you can even use a berry cereal that’s pink) and using Cocoa Krispies in another, and of course keeping one layer plain. You can even make the whole thing chocolate- YUM! For all you chocoholics: sprinkle 1 cup M&Ms or chocolate chips per 6 cups rice krispies for fun bursts of color and extra chocolate bites. Here are some expertly crafted cakes (not that I am a novice or anything):

By: Nancy Couture (with help from Erin Bohanon :-D )

Chastity Rose Walks Down the Aisle: Kyle and David’s Wedding

Kyle contacted us on Etsy back in February. She fell in love with Chastity Rose and had been shopping at local bridal shops for months, but and nothing satisfied her until by chance, she stumbled upon our shop, and we are so grateful she did! So, she sent us her measurements and we got right to work! We are honored that she chose to walk down the aisle in this Knot Couture design made with love in our Atlanta studio. Here are some photo’s of the dress on Kyle and David’s big day. For more photos, check out the Story Photographer’s blog. They did an amazing job capturing the ‘story’ of these two lovebirds.

We love how they captured the hand beading on the dress bodice!

Kyle and David both spent time in Japan teaching so there were tons of Japanese traditions and influences that they included in the wedding. Their beach wedding was beautiful, and Kyle looked stunning in her wedding dress, barefoot and all. Thank you Kyle, for rocking this dress and for sharing these photos!

DIY Glitter Heels

Christian Louboutin Peep-Toe Glitter Pumps which sell for $775

Since we are crafty DIY people, we have decided to start showcasing some DIY projects that will help inspire our readers.  This project is not limited to brides or weddings- it is something to be enjoyed by ALL women that appreciate a pretty sparkly heel!

If you have gone shopping lately you may have noticed glittery heels EVERYWHERE! They are adorable; and what girl does not want a little sparkle to lead her way? :D The best part about these heels is that they are soo easy to make and you can ‘rehab’ a pair of your old heels or buy some from a second hand shop.

Follow these easy steps:


- Extra Fine Glitter
- Mod-Podge
- Pair of Shoes
- Sand Paper (or a nail file)
- Bowl (intend this bowl to be ruined afterwards)
- Paintbrush
- And something to cover your work surface

First, sand your heels to create a better surface for the glitter to stick to.  If you do not have sand paper, use a nail file.  It will work just as well and may actually be a little easier to manage.

Choose what glitter color you would like -this is where the creative part comes in. You have several choices:

1.  Make a solid pair using one glitter color.

2. Mix several shades of the same color glitter together prior to mixing with the glue to give it some depth and color range.

3. If you are feeling ambitious, paint glitter designs with several different colors.  You could make a leopard print, stripes, polka dots, hearts, etc.

Mix the glitter in with the Mod-Podge to create a glitter paint.

Once you’ve mixed in the Mod-Podge just start brushing it on the shoes.   Brush the glitter on in thin coats, allow it to dry and repeat this process until you achieve the desired look. As a tip: while each layer is wet, look over it to touch up any patchy spots.

Voila!!! You now have a pretty pair of glittery heels!

Total money spent: $4 on the thrift store shoes, $3.50 on mod-podge, and $3 on the glitter, all the other supplies were laying around the house.  The grand total was $10.5o for this lovely pair of shoes!

Lil’ Birdie Blues Hair Accessories

Knot couture is all about supporting friends, family, and DIY businesses in their skilled trade.  We were introduced to Lil’ Birdie Blues in the Fall of 2010 and had to share the amazing hair pieces they make.  We love how their accessories can go from day to night effortlessly! Here is their story….

“It was a crisp autumn day in 2008 when Julie Goeddeke and Krista Goeddeke first came up with the concept of Lil’ Birdie Blues. They had attended local craft fairs and became inspired by the many handmade, unique items made by the vendors. It was then that the two began to vigorously collect vintage brooches, jewelry, buttons and ribbons to create a distinctive line of hair accessories. Lil’ Birdie Blues is most influenced by the flappers of the 1920’s and the pin-ups of the 1950’s, though not limited to those styles alone. As Lil’ Birdie Blues has grown, so too have the many styles and designs of the hair accessories. Both Julie and Krista are grounded in artisan fields and both have shown an energy and zest that are unequalled. They have a true passion for making accessories that can be worn by anyone from a soccer mom to an indie rocker and to a professional who likes to stick out in the office while remaining office-appropriate. As Lil’ Birdie Blues has grown, so too has the demand. Julie and Krista will take the time to work with clients to make specialty items. They also will work with brides to make homemade accessories for wedding parties. Every Lil’ Birdie Blue accessory is made with love and care.”

When Knot Couture was planning their first runway show for the Fashion-A-Bull benefit they knew that teaming up with Lil’ Birdie Blues would be a great mesh for the two companies.  We contacted Julie to see if she was interested in making some one-of-a-kind hair pieces to pair with our dresses to make an after the wedding dressed down look.  She gladly accepted and showed up the day of with some amazing pieces.  All 6 models pranced down the runway with some amazing Lil’ Birdies in their hair.

Currently, Lil’ Birdie Blues is sold at the following locations:

Check them out online on ETSY

Liberty Salon

977 Ponce De Leon, Atlanta, GA 30306

Rhythm Dance Center

3980 Shallowford Rd, Marietta, GA 30062