Skull Cameo Garter Featured on Rock N’ Roll Bride

In case you missed it, check out today’s post on Rock N Roll Bride. The bride, Andrea wore one of the skull cameo garters from our Etsy Shop. Her color of choice for the ribbon was red and black, to match her wedding colors. Our garters come in a variety of colors, so you can choose one from our shop, or contact us to customize your order!

Glamour, Boudoir, Day of the Dead Shoot with Leah+Mark


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For any company to grow and evolve, hurdles must be overcome. The two designers of Knot Couture have both had numerous life changing events happen in the last year and a half. It’s difficult at times, to find inspiration when … Continue reading

Meet Our 2011 Summer Intern Noah Berch!!

We met this emerging talent a couple of months ago and he has been lending us a hand in the studio while we are working on our Fall collection. His energetic spirit has been such a wonderful and welcome presence in the wee hours of the morning. We know to expect greatness from him in his future academic career. We are honored to introduce him to you and show off some of his portfolio work!

Knot Couture intern Noah Berch

Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a recent graduate from The Paideia School, located in Druid Hills; Atlanta, GA. Leaving Paideia has been a bittersweet experience… Although I am anxious and excited to attend The Rhode Island School of Design, I left a place I grew very comfortable in. I am 19 years old and I will be attending college in the fall, majoring in Apparel Design.

What made you choose to go to College for Fashion Design?
Fashion has always been an interest of mine. I like to look at Fashion as not only a piece of artwork, but also an expression of oneself. I love the whole concept of it all. I want to create clothes that people are comfortable in and clothing that individuals can express one another in. I’ve always been interested in finding new and creative ways of compiling, layering, and combining clothes and textures in multiple ways, forming an expression.

Who is your favorite style icon?
I really like the Olsen Twins. I love their city, street look. I also love Erin Wasson’s style. I think as an individual I lean more towards the city, urban, bohemian look. I t also all depends, I can will wear something during the day, then change a completely different style, or go down a different route of expression in the evening.

Who is your favorite designer?
To be honest, I don’t have a “favorite” designer. In simpler terms, I like clothes and designs. I like to compile the two in unique ways, sometimes layering. I guess I have favorite styles, more than designers.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My parents and my grandparents- they all share a strong passion for “love what you do, share what you love to do, and do it the best you can. Simply, giving it your all.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Successful. Healthy. Happy

What is your favorite word?

What is your favorite color?
Shades of blue.

Here is a glimpse of Noah’s work.

Watercolor and Sharpie Portrait on Canvas (2010)

Layered Construction Paper (2010)

"Maggie" Charcoal (2009)

"Self Portrait" pastel on cardboard (2010)

"Art Book Page" Reflective Collage - Mixed Media

He also designed this collection of garters for our Etsy shop! They are to die for!!!

KC Fall Garter Collection by Noah Berch

Skull Cameo Garters

Sparrow Garters

Handgun Garter

Knot Couture Accessories

You all know that we make fabulous dresses, but don’t forget about the little personal details that make your wedding YOU. Accessories are a great way to spruce up your dress, add color, and personal touches that make your wedding look unique to your personal tastes. We offer everything from hair pieces to garter belts – and we can also make anything custom. Also, don’t forget about the men!! We can make custom ties, bow ties, hankies, and much more.

Check out our ETSY page to see current accessories.

Sweetness Spotlight: Bleeding Heart Bakery

We have recently had the pleasure of stumbling upon the most amazing cake vendor EVER! Bleeding Heart Bakery is based in Chicago and is owned and operated by Michelle & Vinny Garcia. They specialize in local, sustainable punk-rock pastry. With their combined talents, these two make the most delectable and beautiful cakes we have ever seen! They even make VEGAN cakes! Check out this interview we had with them, and if you are in Chicago, be sure to stop in and eat some yummy goodness. If you aren’t in Chicago, then the pictures themselves are delicious, and should hold you over until you are. YUM!

What’s the story behind the name?
It is VERY cliche, but I thought of the name in dream! I was going to business school and was writing my thesis which was for a community based organic bakery…named Bleeding Heart! The name seemed to work!

Where did your interest in cake making begin?
I was honestly always more interested in pastry itself, until I moved to Amsterdam.I had been invited by the Dutch Patisserie Team. I took a job as a cake decorator there and I seem to have been woken up. I was aloud to be very avante garde, which really helped me love the job!

Is there any common style to most of the cakes you have done?
I personally prefer buttercream and interesting structures with simple and elegant design that is still thought provoking or even having a bit of gore. I love the use of non traditional items like an anatomical heart to speak about love and something very off the wall like the use of hand made paperflowers. I adore Mexican art and religious imagery done in a tattoo style especially with gold and silver guilding.

Where do you look for inspiration when you are about to start something new?
I am inspired by everything from architecture to clothing, but mostly by grafitti and street art, which I find absolutely beautiful.

What is the most unusual request you have ever gotten?
We were asked to make a pot cake which I said no to, but we were also asked to make a very beautiful cake to bleed when cut open. I was previously asked this and had declined, but I took on the challenge and it worked really great!

What’s your favorite cake?
My favorite cake is one that was on the cover of Chicago Social Magazine. It was the first cake I made which really played with structure and was made from 6 long skinny rectangle cakes, on a wooden boards and placed precariously on top of eachother.

What are the most requested flavors?
Chocolate peanut butter is by far the most popular.

When did you start making allergy free cakes?
We started making vegan cakes right away, then came gluten free about two years later. We started offeing the peanut free option about a year ago and started baking with alternative sugars at the same time.

Do you donate a portion of cake sales to charities? (Or rather, what charities do you donate to?)
We have cupcakes for charities, one charity gets chosen a month. We choose charities based on location (must be local) and how they fit into the bakeries mission. Music and tattoo oriented one such as Sacred Transformations or Girls Rock Chicago and perfect examples.

How do we place an order?

Give us a call at 773-327-6934 or email and request a tasting. They are $25 which comes off the final cost of your cake if you order from us!

Interview by: Nancy Couture

Lil’ Birdie Blues Hair Accessories

Knot couture is all about supporting friends, family, and DIY businesses in their skilled trade.  We were introduced to Lil’ Birdie Blues in the Fall of 2010 and had to share the amazing hair pieces they make.  We love how their accessories can go from day to night effortlessly! Here is their story….

“It was a crisp autumn day in 2008 when Julie Goeddeke and Krista Goeddeke first came up with the concept of Lil’ Birdie Blues. They had attended local craft fairs and became inspired by the many handmade, unique items made by the vendors. It was then that the two began to vigorously collect vintage brooches, jewelry, buttons and ribbons to create a distinctive line of hair accessories. Lil’ Birdie Blues is most influenced by the flappers of the 1920’s and the pin-ups of the 1950’s, though not limited to those styles alone. As Lil’ Birdie Blues has grown, so too have the many styles and designs of the hair accessories. Both Julie and Krista are grounded in artisan fields and both have shown an energy and zest that are unequalled. They have a true passion for making accessories that can be worn by anyone from a soccer mom to an indie rocker and to a professional who likes to stick out in the office while remaining office-appropriate. As Lil’ Birdie Blues has grown, so too has the demand. Julie and Krista will take the time to work with clients to make specialty items. They also will work with brides to make homemade accessories for wedding parties. Every Lil’ Birdie Blue accessory is made with love and care.”

When Knot Couture was planning their first runway show for the Fashion-A-Bull benefit they knew that teaming up with Lil’ Birdie Blues would be a great mesh for the two companies.  We contacted Julie to see if she was interested in making some one-of-a-kind hair pieces to pair with our dresses to make an after the wedding dressed down look.  She gladly accepted and showed up the day of with some amazing pieces.  All 6 models pranced down the runway with some amazing Lil’ Birdies in their hair.

Currently, Lil’ Birdie Blues is sold at the following locations:

Check them out online on ETSY

Liberty Salon

977 Ponce De Leon, Atlanta, GA 30306

Rhythm Dance Center

3980 Shallowford Rd, Marietta, GA 30062

KC is Mentioned in Creative Loafing

Every week Creative Loafing posts up a ‘happenings’ section featuring local events here in Atlanta. The Fashion-A-Bull Holiday Party was featured this Thursday and mentions the details of the event, including the Knot Couture fashion show! For more details about this event as well as behind the scenes photos, be sure to visit us on Facebook! Also, tonights event sure looks interesting…day-after party anyone?

“Trunk or Treat” hosted by Electric Body Art

Erin Heinlein's 'Day of the Dead Bride' tattoo- by Electric Body Art

Electric Body Art's 'slasher' bathroom

The founders and designers of Knot Couture were asked to partake as a vendor at Electric Body Art’s Halloween event a few weeks ago, and the ladies couldn’t be more thrilled! What better way to showcase our upcoming Spring 2011 collection while incorporating one of Halloween’s funnest themes: Day of the Dead! Our two latest designs ‘Chastity Rose’ and ‘Roxy Thrasher’ were on display for the duration of the event. While at the event, we got to officially meet one of our models for our upcoming photo shoot; Christine Bridges is the wife of Tatu Richie, owner of the tattoo shop. She will be wearing ‘Amber Haze’ for the Tressness Photography’s photo shoot event next Sunday. For more information about the Tressness event please visit:

The event consisted of a few other vendors, free face painting, games, a costume contest (judged by Knot Couture) and Alex’s Lemonade Stand with Girl Scout Troop #11405 (From Canton,GA) was there raising money for Childrens Cancer! There was also be a ‘Cup Cake Walk for Pocket Change’, where the money raised went toward Alex’s Lemonade Stands’ foundation.

Electric Body Art is located at 2100 Canton Road, Marietta, GA 30066 Tel:770-794-9110

Erin’s ‘Day of the Dead Bride’ tattoo by Electric Body Art

Nancy’s dress by RCB Fashion