Monarch Butterfly Wedding Dress… OH YEAH!

Meet Samantha and Steve, the first couple to be dressed head to toe in custom Knot Couture on their wedding day. The couple was married on November 6th, 2011 in the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta, GA. This offbeat duo knew they wanted spectacular to wear on their special day, so they sought us out to create their dream attire.

Samantha knew immediately she wanted to wear the Luly Yang monarch butterfly dress, but few can afford such a lavish gown. So, we replicated it with a few changes. Her black satin gown was hand painted with a monarch butterfly wing pattern, the skirt panels were shaped like wings, and the white spots were embellished with Swarovski crystal elements. Her birdcage veil was also a KC creation, with a flock of hand painted feathers made to look like butterflies. To order one of these beautiful veils, visit our Etsy shop. To top off the KC ensemble she also wore one of our Skull Cameo Garters.

Steve wanted a gold tuxedo, but not just ANY gold tuxedo; this WWF fan wanted the tuxedo worn by wrestler ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage when he married Miss Elizabeth in the ring in an on-air wedding at SummerSlam 1991. His entire outfit was replicated, from the feathered cowboy hat down to the painted gold diamond tights. We even took on the tricky task of recreating his crazy sunglasses! Check out some photos taken by Donny Cotten of the happy couple below on their wedding day.




Custom Hand Painted Ties and Bow Ties

At Knot Couture, we always like a good challenge.  A few weeks ago we were contacted on Etsy by Emily to create a hand painted butterfly bow tie for her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day.  The couple are both Entomologist’s  and share the common love of bugs.  She wanted the bow tie to look like the following butterfly:

After going over several fabric and paint choices with Emily we ended up with an amazing product.  Any custom painted piece goes through a process of painting certain areas, allowing them to dry, and repeat.  Here are some photos in action as well as the finished product.

Don’t make the men wear boring old ties and bow ties, use your imagination to give them a super unique gift and make them stand out among the other men.

Fresh Bridal Experience at Ambient + Studio!

We are thrilled to announce that Knot Couture will be involved in the Fresh Bridal Experience at Ambient + Studio on February 26th 2012! Fresh Bridal Experience is a fantastic alternative to the traditional bridal show! NOT cookie cutter, always modern and fresh; engaged couples and their guests can expect to have an  intimate yet fun wedding planning experience! Get your tickets today at!!!

We expect it to be a ‘Divine Occasion’!

Paris is Always A Good Idea

In case you didn’t get a chance to see the Paris on Ponce commercial on TV this morning, here it is! Keep your eye out for the bride, who is wearing Kitty Von Lixon, the first of 8 dresses from our new collection. The groom and Baudelaire are both wearing our custom ties!

KC’s Custom Sizing Option Caters to Plus Sized Brides

As you already know, all of the dresses in our collection (aside from one-of-a-kind couture pieces) are made to order. But, it doesn’t stop there! All of our dresses are made to each brides specific measurements!!! We know that every woman is not a stock size 6, and some woman have issues with fitting certain parts of their bodies. We make it a point to share this information as much as possible- so when the Rock ‘n Roll Bride was asked to provide a list of plus sized wedding gown vendors, we were thrilled that she thought of Knot Couture!

On top of that, we’re so happy that KC couple Kyle and David’s wedding photo has been featured in the article! Read Kat’s post here: Wedding Fashion for Plus Sized Brides. To see more photos of Kyle in Chastity Rose, visit the Story Photographers page.

The Happy Couple: Kyle and David

‘Bambi’ is Featured in an Etsy Treasury!

Inviting Moments has created a treasury in honor of June…

“It’s a nice day to start again. It’s a nice day for a white wedding. It’s a nice day to start again.”

‘Bambi’, as you know is our one-of-a-kind Spring 2011 Couture look. This wedding collection has been well chosen, and paints picture of a romantic fairy tale wedding day.

Click for Full Treasury

Thanks Amy Leigh, for curating such a beautiful Treasury!


KC Presents: ‘Bambi’- The Spring 2011 Haute Couture Look

'Bambi' Skirt Detail

'Bambi' Bodice Detail

Knot Couture is proud to unveil ‘Bambi’, the much anticipated one-of-a-kind Spring 2011 Couture design. The designers have put their blood, sweat, and tears (literally) into this high fashion garment. The dress was inspired by a ballerina tutu and showcases scrap remnants from the entire collection thus far, as a bouquet of various blooms and flower petals. Each flower on the skirt is cut, sewn and beaded (by hand) out of silk, polyester and tulle. The details are emphasized by white and ivory feathers.  The bodice is also accented by a flower and feather right above one off-the-shoulder draped sleeve.

Individual Flower Detail

Overall, the intricate details that makes this dress so beautiful and unique, took more then 45 hours of labor for placement and hand sewing. In addition to the flowers being cut and sewn, they are also clean finished to prevent fraying and to add a distressed vintage look. The dress was first showcased in the Fashion-A-Bull Benefit fashion show and was recently photographed by Valerie A. Smith and Tress Ritter at Wild Side Portraits for KC’s first editorial style photo shoot. For pricing information on ‘Bambi’, or to place an order, contact us at

KC Intern Samantha working on 'Bambi'

Garrett and Yeager Sewing Flowers

'Bambi' Photographed by Tress Ritter