DIY: Snap… Crackle… Wedding Cake!

Everyone has an opinion on wedding cake, you either love it or hate it. I happen to be against breaking your budget for a pretty cake that will end up left untouched by so many guests. If you happen to be anything like us, then opt for an ‘alternative’ wedding dessert. Why not try a gorgeous tower of Rice Krispies treat goodness?! These cakes are sure to draw attention as well as have your guests wanting seconds. For the official recipe, check out the Rice Krispies website. I ALWAYS use extra butter, because, well….why not?

Here are the steps for creating one of these delicious treats yourself:

Step 1: Melt butter in a large pan.

Step 2: Add mini marshmallows and watch them melt!

Step 3: Add the Rice Krispies and mix.

Step 4: Transfer to cake pans and let it harden. (Note: If making a tiered cake be sure to use multiple pan sizes.)

Step 6: Trim, stack your layers and decorate.

For a gourmet spin on this cake, try making it neopolitan style by sprinkling dried cherries or cranberries in one layer (you can even use a berry cereal that’s pink) and using Cocoa Krispies in another, and of course keeping one layer plain. You can even make the whole thing chocolate- YUM! For all you chocoholics: sprinkle 1 cup M&Ms or chocolate chips per 6 cups rice krispies for fun bursts of color and extra chocolate bites. Here are some expertly crafted cakes (not that I am a novice or anything):

By: Nancy Couture (with help from Erin Bohanon :-D )