Monarch Butterfly Wedding Dress… OH YEAH!

Meet Samantha and Steve, the first couple to be dressed head to toe in custom Knot Couture on their wedding day. The couple was married on November 6th, 2011 in the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta, GA. This offbeat duo knew they wanted spectacular to wear on their special day, so they sought us out to create their dream attire.

Samantha knew immediately she wanted to wear the Luly Yang monarch butterfly dress, but few can afford such a lavish gown. So, we replicated it with a few changes. Her black satin gown was hand painted with a monarch butterfly wing pattern, the skirt panels were shaped like wings, and the white spots were embellished with Swarovski crystal elements. Her birdcage veil was also a KC creation, with a flock of hand painted feathers made to look like butterflies. To order one of these beautiful veils, visit our Etsy shop. To top off the KC ensemble she also wore one of our Skull Cameo Garters.

Steve wanted a gold tuxedo, but not just ANY gold tuxedo; this WWF fan wanted the tuxedo worn by wrestler ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage when he married Miss Elizabeth in the ring in an on-air wedding at SummerSlam 1991. His entire outfit was replicated, from the feathered cowboy hat down to the painted gold diamond tights. We even took on the tricky task of recreating his crazy sunglasses! Check out some photos taken by Donny Cotten of the happy couple below on their wedding day.




Vendor Spotlight: Dixie Pin-Up

Knot Couture was introduced to Sarah, owner and mastermind behind Dixie Pin-Up, a few years ago through a mutual photographer friend.  We were not only impressed by her personal style and grace but by her business, which can cater not only to the everyday woman but also to a bride to be.

Back in December we asked Sarah if she would be interested in loaning us some of her hair pieces for our long dress shoot.  Lucky for us, she said yes and brought along several gorgeous pieces!

When did you start your business?
Dixie Pin-Up began in 2009 with the help of a photographer and dear friend Matt Odom ( )

What inspired you to start Dixie Pin-Up?
A friend of my husband had contacted him looking for a photographer that could do some period photos for her husband as a gift.  He had been encouraging her do some photos like this for quite some time. We put her in contact with my friend and talented
photographer Matt Odom. She was not sure as to what to look for when it came to wardrobing. I have always loved the 40’s and 50’s fashion and have quite a collection of vintage clothing. I was so excited for her shoot that I had her come to my house and
I outfitted her in some of my clothes and then offered to do her hair and make up for her. The photos turned out great and she couldn’t have been happier with the whole process! Following that shoot Dixie Pin-Up was born!

What products/services do you offer?
Dixie Pin-Up began as offering only photo shoots, everything from one lady to a group of four (we call this the “Pillow Fight” package). We had hosted a few events where everyone had been asked to come dressed in 50’s cocktail attire. We had a makeup artist set up offering “mini pin-up touch ups” where a guest could get a little pin curl, some retro red lips and some lashes. In addition to that we had a portrait area set up to get some photos taken. Everyone always has a great time and is wondering when the next will one will be held…we hope to host another event in the near future.

In 2010 we produced a calendar for the charity Wounded Warrior Project. We used military wives from Ft. Benning, many of which at the time had husbands that were over seas. I would love to one day be able to tackle this project again! It was very rewarding
and great fun!

In the last 2 years we had started offering bachelorette and birthday party packages. We send over (to your destination of choice) make up and hair stylists and a photographer to get all the ladies styled and ready for a night on the town. The photographer
takes behind the scenes photos and some staged shots of all the ladies with their new looks. Everyone has a great time at these parties!

Recently I have added a line of hand made hair accessories and fascinators. These items are made with material from feathers to vinyl. Each piece is truly unique. I loved making the head pieces to compliment the Knot Couture’s wedding dresses! Dixie Pin-Up’s fascinators are a great way to add a modern and alternative look to the average wedding head piece. More and more brides are turning to adding a personal style to their look on the big day. I am a big fan of one of a kind pieces and try to stay as true to that as possible.

Do you do custom orders?
I do take custom orders. I am happy to give the customer exactly (as close to exactly as I can) what they are looking for.

Where can I purchase your products?
You can purchase my products on There is a direct link to my shop at

Where are your hair pieces made?
All of my hair pieces are hand made by me in my studio in Atlanta.

Have any upcoming events or new products you are launching?
I don’t have any specific events that are on the books right now. We are always booking photo shoots and bachelorette parties, being that the wedding season is now upon us. New products are always in the works! I am looking to get into the festival circuit more this spring and summer. I had the honor of being invited to be a vendor in last month’s Atlanta’s own Southern Fried Burlesque Fest. It was great fun and received amazing feedback from not only the performers but guests of the festival. I had the pleasure of knowing that my product went international due to this opportunity!

I am very grateful for the lovely and talented ladies at Knot Couture for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their wedding dress shoot!


Bride Spotlight and Guest Blogger: Susan

We would like to proudly introduce Knot Couture’s MUAH and friend, Susan Osborne. Susan has been working her hair and make up magic dating back to our very first photo shoot.  She has been a large part of the behind the scenes for just about every photo shoot and fashion show we have had.  We have thrown her many curve balls such as locations with no running water and electricity – you would never be able to tell from how amazing she made our models look! Below are some photos of Susan in action.

Recently, Susan got engaged and we jumped at the chance of asking her to write a guest blog for us to show the world her wedding planning tips and ideas, and to share her wedding story.  Without further adieu here is Susan:

Where do you start?  A relationship always comes from a series of weird and awkward events that always seem to end up right where things are intended to be in life.   You meet your soul mate at a Halloween party, as he is dressed up like Robert Smith from the Cure and you can’t help but think, who is this guy and where does he get his eyeliner?  Well, the hair was all Aqua Net  and eyeliner was pure Maybelline but there was something really…just real about this guy.  Little did I know, I would fall in love with that big hair and kohl lined eyes.   It would take a few years and a few awkward exchanges, a loves gone bad, a few parties gone good, but I got my man.

September 20, 2011, Matt (aka Robert Smith) sent me a camera phone picture of a cross stitch piece that was proudly displayed in a home he was working in that day.  It read… Grow Old With Me, The Best Is Yet To Be.  Well, I thought it was the sweetest, but thought nothing more of it.  Later that night, sitting on his lap after the lovely meal he made, I could tell something was on his mind.  I asked “ What’s wrong?”  and he responded “ I feel anxious”.  Me being me, my mind went to a million and one different horrible scenarios in five seconds.  Five very long seconds.  “Why do you feel anxious?”  I asked.  “It’s what’s in my pocket.”  He reached to his pocket and pulled from it a beautiful vintage engagement ring and asked me to marry him!  I said yes!

Thank you Susan!  What a love story!  Susan will continue to blog about her wedding plans up until her wedding day 2/22/2012.  We postponed Susan’s first blog a bit so we could sneak in photos of her engagement shoot, and man we are glad we did!  Take a look below at how cute they are together!

Photography done by Erin Gray

Photography done by Erin Gray

Photography done by Erin Gray

Photography done by Erin Gray

Designers Get Pricked With Pins and Needles

For the past few months, the ladies of Knot Couture have been stirring things up. They have been really pushing forward with the development of their long dress line in preparation for a major move- to Colorado, that is! As of the end of 2011, Knot Couture will now be located in two different states!  Many people are unaware that this is how the company was originally designed to be: at the start Nancy was living in Miami, Florida and Erin was in Atlanta, Georgia.  Nancy ended up moving to Atlanta in Fall of 2010.  The ladies have lived together on and off in the past year and a half.  Now Knot Couture will operate in Atlanta, Georgia and Colorado Springs, Colorado.  They will still work cohesively on each piece and keep the same main roles they have always both had with the business.  The designers claim, “The separation, as odd as it may sound, will only strengthen our company and make us work harder and communicate more.”

Knot Coututre's logo

As a symbolic pact and going away celebration of the business and bond, the business partners both got tattoos of their logo behind the ear at Lucky Draw Tattoo.  The iconic Knot Couture sparrow, as well as the text was actually designed by the pair. This was a significant milestone for Nancy, as it was her “first and last tattoo” as she stated after getting it.  She opted for a smaller brownish version of the logo.  Erin is a tattoo veteran and went for a larger black version.

KC Long Gowns Sneak Peak

On December 13, 2011 we had our long dress photo shoot at Paris on Ponce. We will be releasing 6 new long dresses and 2 new couture dresses in the near future.  We are still waiting to see most of the photos, but for now we have to settle for these teaser photos taken by Gudrun Stone, hair pieces by Dixie Pinup, felt/bead bouquets by Alternative BouKay:

'Lexi Lipton'

'Spring' by Alternative BouKay

Hair pieces by Dixie Pinup

Paris is Always A Good Idea

In case you didn’t get a chance to see the Paris on Ponce commercial on TV this morning, here it is! Keep your eye out for the bride, who is wearing Kitty Von Lixon, the first of 8 dresses from our new collection. The groom and Baudelaire are both wearing our custom ties!

Kitty Von Lixon’s Television Debut!

A few weeks ago, Nicolette Valdespino (manager of Paris on Ponce) approached us about an opportunity to sponsor a commercial they were shooting for Atlanta & Co., a local show featuring Atlanta Businesses.  Of course we jumped with excitement at the opportunity! Paris on Ponce is, after all, a wonderland of all kinds of amazing things and they are located right in the heart of Midtown. They have everything from 18th century antiques and home decor to new designer furniture. They also have an event space called Le Maison Rouge. Kitty Von Lixon, the first of 8 new dresses in our collection, will be shown in a wedding scene in Le Maison Rouge.

We called up our amazing photographer, Tress Ritter, and asked her to take some behind-the-scenes photos of the extra’s and camera crew in action. If these photos don’t make you want to go to Paris on Ponce, then just wait until the commercial airs on channel 11 on October 20, 2011 at 11:00AM! Videographer Jason Maris follows Baudelaire (the mascot pug) as he gives you a personal tour with Christine Pullara, (the shows host) throughout this magical place! Tress also took some photos of Kitty in PoP’s vendor space, where local artisans and collectors can display and sell their work:

To see more of Tress’s photos, visit her Facebook page!

Knot Couture to be a Vendor at “This Is The One” Bridal Sale

Knot Couture is excited to announce their presence at the ‘This is the One’ Bridal Dress Event on March 19th and 20th. Stop by and meet the designers in person, and see our Spring collection make it’s way down the runway. You will also get to see a special sneak peek of our Fall collection! We will also be giving away a $250 gift certificate for one bride to use any way she wants! There are a few VIP tickets available, if interested contact us at Sunday is a free-for-all for those brides without VIP tickets, so make sure to spread the news and make a day of it. Read below for additional details:

This Is The One Bridal Consignment Sale features meticulously chosen NEW and NEARLY NEW designer, couture, vintage – whatever your dream dress may be – wedding gowns of all styles and sizes once purchased from major retailers, exclusive boutiques, and even custom made that are in pristine condition.  Our sale also features slips and essential wedding gown undergarments, mother of the bride dresses, flower girl dresses, boys tuxedos, shoes & accessories such as veils, crystal tiaras, headbands, clips, gloves, and much more!

On Saturday, March 19th This Is The One Bridal Consignment Sale is featuring an exclusive VIP Presale from 5PM til 9PM. Tour the amazing venue, Le Fais do-do to consider for your wedding and/or reception, meet some of Atlanta’s most fabulous vendors, eat, drink, be merry and get the first peek at all of our stunning gowns and accessories. AND, most importantly, shop ’til your heart is content! There will be AMAZING prizes only given away on this night and a runway fashion show with models wearing gorgeous gowns available for sale, and all dolled up in wedding hair-styles and beautiful make-up to offer all of our brides-to-be fresh and exciting new ideas! Plus, much more (we can’t give away all of the details but you don’t want to miss the VIP night)!

Sunday, March 20th from 11AM til 5PM is the This Is The One Bridal Consignment SALE DAY, which is open free to the public! At 11AM, we’ll host a fabulous cocktail hour where you can meet some of Atlanta’s finest wedding professionals. We’ll have bridal swag bags to give away to our first 500 brides-to-be, champagne, wedding cake tastes, and amazing prizes to register to win while you are there including THE ULTIMATE WEDDING GIVE-A-WAY!

So bring your bridesmaids, your mom, your team, or come stag and have fun with us for the day and hopefully find ‘THE ONE’ gown before the weekend is over! Mark your calendars, save the date, invite your friends & family, ask off from work, do what you need to do to not miss this opportunity on March 19th & 20th to come to This Is The One Bridal Consignment Sale!!!

KC is Mentioned in Creative Loafing

Every week Creative Loafing posts up a ‘happenings’ section featuring local events here in Atlanta. The Fashion-A-Bull Holiday Party was featured this Thursday and mentions the details of the event, including the Knot Couture fashion show! For more details about this event as well as behind the scenes photos, be sure to visit us on Facebook! Also, tonights event sure looks interesting…day-after party anyone?

KC’s ‘Fashion-A-Bull’ Fashion Show at East Side Lounge

Knot Couture is proud to announce their first fashion show! The proceeds from this benefit will go to Atlanta Bully Rescue and Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue. The event will be featuring local artists such as The Mighty High Coup as well as DJ Charles III, Street Lurkin and Eric ZBD. After their runway debut, you can expect to meet the girls from Sorry Darlin’ and get photos taken with them by OH SNAP! kid. Also, it’s sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, so bring a DD!

The flier photograph and artwork was created by Yess & No, and features the cocktail version of ‘Cherry Star’ modeled by Whitney Huffman. Whitney modeled previously for Knot Couture; you can see other photos of her on the website wearing ‘Cindy Manson’.

A $5 suggested donation will be collected at the door.

For more information on this event, please contact us at or check out the Facebook event page.