Skull Cameo Garter Featured on Rock N’ Roll Bride

In case you missed it, check out today’s post on Rock N Roll Bride. The bride, Andrea wore one of the skull cameo garters from our Etsy Shop. Her color of choice for the ribbon was red and black, to match her wedding colors. Our garters come in a variety of colors, so you can choose one from our shop, or contact us to customize your order!

This is “The Reason” We Love Our Jobs

Anyone who has met the design team of Knot Couture, knows how we work. Many of our big projects are group efforts, and we have, in the process, been able to meet so many talented individuals. The artists we have collaborated with have spent hours and hours helping us with hair and makeup, photography, graphic design and modeling.

The most recent collaborated effort resulted in the most amazing photo shoot yet. It took place at Paris on Ponce, mainly in Le Maison Rouge- the most glorious event space we have ever seen! With our past success, we were fortunate enough to have vendors ask us to take part in it, such as Melissa from Alternative Boukay and Sara from Dixie Pin-Up. Our hair stylists, Susan and Whitney have been with us since day one, and Rachel (one of our past models) stepped in to do makeup. Tress Ritter, who does all the photography for our website and Etsy pages took care of all the photography. But this time, we had one MAJOR difference, and that was the addition of Chris Bartelski from The Reason.

The Reason is a husband and wife photography team based in Atlanta, contacted us about doing a promotional video for our long dress line. The result is this truly spectacular video that shows the world what it is Erin Bohanon and Nancy Couture REALLY do. And we must say, we are FLOORED. Completely.

To  everyone we have worked with, everyone who has showed us their support and loved and shared our links and spread the word: this is for you. You are the reason we love our jobs. Most especially, to Chris and Hector, who filmed and edited this wonderful video that we have the honor to unveil to the world.

Thank you.

Knot Couture from the reason on Vimeo.

Credits: Dresses: Knot Couture
Hair Pieces: Dixie Pin-Up
Bouquets: AlternativeBoukay
Hair: Whitney Huffman and Susan Osborne
Make up: Rachel Rackliffe
Models: Christina, Suzu, Dianne, and Tori
Location: Paris on Ponce, Le Maison Rouge
Photography: Tress Ritter
Video: Chris Bartelski and Hector Arocho

Fresh Bridal Experience at Ambient + Studio!

We are thrilled to announce that Knot Couture will be involved in the Fresh Bridal Experience at Ambient + Studio on February 26th 2012! Fresh Bridal Experience is a fantastic alternative to the traditional bridal show! NOT cookie cutter, always modern and fresh; engaged couples and their guests can expect to have an  intimate yet fun wedding planning experience! Get your tickets today at!!!

We expect it to be a ‘Divine Occasion’!

Designers Get Pricked With Pins and Needles

For the past few months, the ladies of Knot Couture have been stirring things up. They have been really pushing forward with the development of their long dress line in preparation for a major move- to Colorado, that is! As of the end of 2011, Knot Couture will now be located in two different states!  Many people are unaware that this is how the company was originally designed to be: at the start Nancy was living in Miami, Florida and Erin was in Atlanta, Georgia.  Nancy ended up moving to Atlanta in Fall of 2010.  The ladies have lived together on and off in the past year and a half.  Now Knot Couture will operate in Atlanta, Georgia and Colorado Springs, Colorado.  They will still work cohesively on each piece and keep the same main roles they have always both had with the business.  The designers claim, “The separation, as odd as it may sound, will only strengthen our company and make us work harder and communicate more.”

Knot Coututre's logo

As a symbolic pact and going away celebration of the business and bond, the business partners both got tattoos of their logo behind the ear at Lucky Draw Tattoo.  The iconic Knot Couture sparrow, as well as the text was actually designed by the pair. This was a significant milestone for Nancy, as it was her “first and last tattoo” as she stated after getting it.  She opted for a smaller brownish version of the logo.  Erin is a tattoo veteran and went for a larger black version.

Syltastic Photography Showcases KC’s Young Talent

Earlier this year, Nancy and Erin were hard at work in their studio conceptualizing and designing for their collection of full length wedding gowns.  Sylvia Hagar of Syltastic Photography happened to catch the designers on such a day, and captured some images of the duo in the beginning stages of development.  To see the complete feature and for additional photos please visit her blog.

Sylvia is not a new name with Knot Couture.  You may remember Sylvia from our blog feature on her photography back in February.   She also jumped on the other side of the camera and modeled one of our short dresses, Roxy Thrasher.

At the time Sylvia took the following photos of Erin and Nancy designing, there was some discussion about carrying over a couple of the short dresses from the first collection by creating long dress versions of them.  The designers were photographed draping long skirt ideas on Roxy Thrasher.   This concept may still be coming up, you will just have to keep your eyes peeled.

It is always lovely to be recognized by an equally talented peer for having raw talent.  It makes our designers very giddy.

Paris is Always A Good Idea

In case you didn’t get a chance to see the Paris on Ponce commercial on TV this morning, here it is! Keep your eye out for the bride, who is wearing Kitty Von Lixon, the first of 8 dresses from our new collection. The groom and Baudelaire are both wearing our custom ties!

Kitty Von Lixon’s Television Debut!

A few weeks ago, Nicolette Valdespino (manager of Paris on Ponce) approached us about an opportunity to sponsor a commercial they were shooting for Atlanta & Co., a local show featuring Atlanta Businesses.  Of course we jumped with excitement at the opportunity! Paris on Ponce is, after all, a wonderland of all kinds of amazing things and they are located right in the heart of Midtown. They have everything from 18th century antiques and home decor to new designer furniture. They also have an event space called Le Maison Rouge. Kitty Von Lixon, the first of 8 new dresses in our collection, will be shown in a wedding scene in Le Maison Rouge.

We called up our amazing photographer, Tress Ritter, and asked her to take some behind-the-scenes photos of the extra’s and camera crew in action. If these photos don’t make you want to go to Paris on Ponce, then just wait until the commercial airs on channel 11 on October 20, 2011 at 11:00AM! Videographer Jason Maris follows Baudelaire (the mascot pug) as he gives you a personal tour with Christine Pullara, (the shows host) throughout this magical place! Tress also took some photos of Kitty in PoP’s vendor space, where local artisans and collectors can display and sell their work:

To see more of Tress’s photos, visit her Facebook page!

KC’s Custom Sizing Option Caters to Plus Sized Brides

As you already know, all of the dresses in our collection (aside from one-of-a-kind couture pieces) are made to order. But, it doesn’t stop there! All of our dresses are made to each brides specific measurements!!! We know that every woman is not a stock size 6, and some woman have issues with fitting certain parts of their bodies. We make it a point to share this information as much as possible- so when the Rock ‘n Roll Bride was asked to provide a list of plus sized wedding gown vendors, we were thrilled that she thought of Knot Couture!

On top of that, we’re so happy that KC couple Kyle and David’s wedding photo has been featured in the article! Read Kat’s post here: Wedding Fashion for Plus Sized Brides. To see more photos of Kyle in Chastity Rose, visit the Story Photographers page.

The Happy Couple: Kyle and David