Tips for the Clueless Bride-to-be

You are newly engaged! Congratulations! You are probably wondering what to do next. Here is a simple breakdown and pointers for brides that are looking at taking on the job of planning every last detail of their big day:

STEP 1: Announce your engagement: Have a party, send a funny E-card, or utilize your social networks.

STEP 2: Set the Budget: First, determine who is paying for the wedding. Tradition hardly holds true with DIY brides nowadays, so you and your future hubby need to put your heads together and decide who is paying for what. Then you need to set priorities. If you have your heart set on a huge, lavish wedding, then cut back on the number of guests to stay within budget. These days, there are many wedding websites and phone apps that enable you to maintain a wedding budget- utilize your resources!

STEP 3: Book Your Venue and Set the Date: Here’s the tricky part- the longer you have, the more time you have to stay within budget and of course to prepare. If you want to be married in less then 6 months keep in mind many vendors charge extra.  Often times the venue you want to get married at will determine the date depending on their availability.  Try and be flexible with the date and you will find that you have many more venue options.  If you have a large guest list, you may need to choose a cheaper venue and think of having a cocktail reception instead of a dinner or luncheon reception. While your ceremony will be short and whiz by, your reception is where guests will let loose and celebrate! Choose a venue where you and your guests will be comfortable- after all, you know your friends and family best (especially once alcohol enters their systems).

STEP 4: Start the Guestlist and Send the Save-the-Date Cards: Beginning a guest list early will ensure the invitations are sent in a timely fashion. You want to give your guests plenty of notice to clear their schedules (especially if travel is involved), so sending out save-the-dates will give you time to find and/or make the perfect invitations!

STEP 5: Decide on a Style or Theme for your Wedding: Choose a style that reflects the personalities of you and your husband-to-be. Remember, this is not only YOUR day, it is also HIS day. Besides, if you add a personal touch, it makes the day more memorable for your guests. Work together with your fiancé to choose colors, decor, etc.

STEP 6: Contact Knot Couture to make your wedding dress! ;-) Then, start your search for other wedding vendors. Etsy is a great resource for customized wedding favors and decor.

Remember to have fun! Happy planning!

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